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Dumpster / Pool / Utility Gates

  We also offer utility gates for St. George and all of Utah.  


When you choose a gate from Steel Creations, you get more than just a barrier, you get a gate that looks professional and blends well into any property.

Our decorative options add a level of artistic beauty and uniqueness as well.

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There are many reasons why you should purchase and install robust, dependable gates for your property. Security is one of the first thoughts that come to most people’s minds, and it’s a good one. It’s vital to keep your yard and buildings safe from intruders. On the other hand, utility gates also serve the purpose of keeping children and pets in your yard as well.


The same thinking can apply to pool gates as well. We all know that it’s essential to keep your pool area enclosed. It provides a level of privacy for pool users, but it also serves the purpose of keeping people from wandering into your pool area and having an accident.   


Dumpster gates control access to trash cans to prevent unauthorized usage of the facilities. Some people take advantage of unsecured dumpsters and overflow them with their own trash or else go through the bins for items. Gates also help to keep pests away. 

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Our specialists are proud to work for customers located throughout St. George, Utah and surrounding areas.